Why the catholic Church wants me back in India

Sanal Edamaruku writes..


It is no secret that the hands of the Catholic church are very long. They may go to any extent with their direct or indirect methods to silence their critics.

So far, I have escaped their net. Their attempts to silence me made me fight them on a higher level. They may want to make my case an example to demonstrate “Catholic power”. But I am not easily intimidated.  I have the will power to deal with such challenges and manipulative campaigns, because I know, who my opponent is and I know what is at stake.      

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Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, MM Kalburgi, and Gauri Lankesh - these four top rationalists were assassinated by gunmen in India since Sanal Edamaruku moved to Finland in 2012.

Those days in India when you could criticize the holy cows of the society without fear of guns and goons...

Rationalists do an important job in a society such as ours by liberating millions from irrational fears. They are helping build a modern, civilized, responsible India. They are aiming to create a society where people can rise above religion, caste, and gender and become more humane. Guns cannot stop rationalists. The end of reason would mean a return to the Dark Ages. We can't afford that.                                      



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